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In addition to giving us a place to show our products and services, we have made profitable connections with the other Partners and met new customers and prospects.


We really enjoy being part of The Marketplace community and our partnership with The Marketplace has been instrumental in growing our business this year.

-David Diaz, Owner, Homeva

The Marketplace has been the perfect way for us to kick-start our business in Austin. The flexible program allows us to have physical product for customers to touch and feel without having to be tied to a showroom full-time.


Consistent industry events hosted by The Marketplace expand our brand awareness in a way that would cost thousands more if we had a separate showroom and had to drive that traffic on our own.

- David and Katherine Dewey, Owners, Metaphoric

Connecting the Best Brands with Austin’s Design Community

The Marketplace isn't just a showroom, it is a brand marketing system helping products grow their presence and profitability in the hot Austin market.


Designed to take advantage of the changing nature of both the high-end design industry and of wholesale and retail sales, The Marketplace provides flexible, low-commitment space to allow brands to adjust as the market does. 


Reach Over 4000 Local Trade Pros

Your Marketplace showroom isn’t just a place to show products.  We partner with you in promoting your brand, with knowledgeable staff to support your reps and ambitious marketing to get the word out.


Have a Presence,

Not a Commitment

Flexible spaces and short-term contracts allow you to experiment and expand as the market changes.

No additional staff commitment; your reps can stay focused on visiting customers.

Pay one predictable rate per month, no additional fees or hassles.

Your Brand Marketing Package Includes: 

Display space: 150-500 square feet available

Promotion in our 4000-member local trade pro list. 

Knowledgeable staff trained on the highlights of your products who can answer questions and capture leads.

Ambitious marketing of both The Marketplace and your brand to local and regional trade professionals.

Additional brand-specific marketing programs available as an add-on.

Packages range from $2000-$5500 per month, all-inclusive.

Curated Partnerships

To optimize the benefit to both brands and trade customers, partners are being carefully curated to provide a mix of categories from local, national and global brands.  We are currently accepting preliminary applications for partnerships. 

Learn More and Apply 


Schedule a call with our CEO

to explore if The Marketplace is a fit for your brand.  

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