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2024 Outdoor Living Pop Up — What We Learned 

Not only did we see really interesting products, but we learned some new things at The Marketplace Outdoor Living Popup!  See some of the highlights below and be sure to connect with our Popup Partners when you start your outdoor projects.  

kenneth cobonpue dragnet chair.png

Kenneth Cobonpue 


We were honored to have Christopher Reiter, Managing Partner of furniture brand Kenneth Cobonpue visit and share some insights. This gorgeous brand, inspired by designer Kenneth Cobonpue’s native Philippines, offers seating and occasional pieces in both indoor and outdoor uses. One of the things we learned from Christopher was as much inspiration as fact; the importance of the natural world in design. Kenneth’s work always incorporates an organic theme, whether a natural rattan material or the interaction of a circular fishing net with the wind and waves that inspired the Dragnet Chair.  

john walter indoor outdoor rug.png

John Walter specializes in luxury rugs and unique broadloom carpets.  For the Outdoor event, he brought in a stack of outdoor rugs to sell off the floor.  Our favorite was a first-of-its-kind hand-knotted indoor/outdoor rug that looks luxurious enough to go in the living room!  John shared that it's made out of PET (recycled plastic bottles) its look and feel complements the designer furniture you’ve so lovingly selected.  Email John to find out more about his available rug inventory. 

new native gardens potted ferns.jpeg

New Native Gardens is a local family-owned business of potted-plant experts, focusing solely on gardens contained within their beautiful imported pots for their interior and exterior plant designs. A common challenge with exterior potted plants is water runoff, which can create unsightly brown stains on concrete and porous stone flooring as nutrients from the soil are washed away.


To mitigate this issue, particularly in exterior covered spaces where plants are protected from rain, New Native suggests keeping your plants in their original containers filled with pre-washed soil and placing them within your decorative pots. For added protection against runoff, consider placing a plastic saucer at the bottom of the decorative pot to collect excess water, allowing it to evaporate over time. However, closely monitoring and adjusting your watering practices is essential to prevent overwatering, ensuring the health of your plants and the cleanliness of your space.


Climate changes over the last few years have made gardening even more difficult with scorching summers giving way to frozen winters.  Seedlings Landscape Design Build has been planting in Austin for over 15 years and has had to adapt along with the climate. They shared with us plant options that will thrive in the Texas climate: 

  • Texas sage (AKA Barometer Bush)

  • Gulf muhly grass

  • Silver ponyfoot (replace grass with this silver stunner!)

  • Texas sedge (grassy groundcover)

  • Softleaf yucca (good in shade or sun)

  • Blue mist flower (butterflies love this!)

  • Flame acanthus (literally won't die and brings in the hummingbirds)

  • Desert willow/redbud (flowering)

  • Yellow bells (AKA Tacoma Stands) 

  • Pride of Barbados


For more advice from Seedlings, check out their recent blog: 10 Questions to Ask Your Landscape Contractor. 

TimberTown Millboard decking.jpg

Did you know how many decking options are available right in our backyard? Turns out TimberTown does. In addition to your traditional cedar, they highlighted a great new product from Millboard that looks like vintage weathered oak, but with no splinters! With extensive wear and slip resistance, it can even be used around pools. One of the hidden benefits of this product is that it is self-healing, so screws don’t show, creating a seamless look. Visit TimberTown for more unique options decking, siding and soffits.  

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