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Summer Art Showcase 

Celebrate summer with art!  We've brought together several respected local artists to fill our walls with color and beauty.  Showcase runs July 17th through August 31st.  Join several of the artists at our next Marketplace Mixer! 

stephanie beard.png

Austin, Texas artist, designer, creator... lover of God, dogs & bacon.  

Stephanie is a Waco native and has lived in Austin for 22 years.  A self-taught artist, she paints out of a studio in Westlake overlooking the lake and is inspired by the patterns in nature that surround her.  Stephanie is interested in all things related to design and is the chair of the W Residences Design Committee and a Marketplace Founding Investor.  

larry goode artist.jpeg

My landscape work tells a story.  It is inspired by the elusive nature of the horizon—the idea that there is something on the horizon, perhaps blurred, that is difficult to identify.  With this work I strive to capture the feeling of the unknown, beyond the horizon line, or perhaps just coming into view. The images are based on remembrances and memories of past events.  Rather than accurately tell the story, I strive to recognize that memory is fallible, and embrace the organic  nature of the way that memories evolve and live within us.

ann flemmings art.png

Working through the searching process of layering, excavating and revealing, I create multi-layered paintings that evoke a sense of peace and beauty. Drawing from memories, moods and the paint combinations on my palette, I start with a loose composition of shapes transforming the piece through many stages.  Balancing intuition and intention with the very physical act of painting plus the right brain decisions required along the way, I strive to incorporate mark-making into my work while maintaining the energy of my first efforts.  Staying true to these first efforts allows me to stay in touch with my most authentic work.


Motivated by divine inspiration, Steven can usually be found in his studio, located in Austin, TX , designing jewelry and painting almost every day. Lavaggi also produces on canvas and sculpture. His Artworks are in the collections of numerous music & entertainment notables including Ozzy & Sharon Osborne, Smokey Robison, the late Nelson Mandela and Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top - Guitarist) just to name a few. Lavaggi Jewelry has been regularly featured on the QVC shopping network and at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg Florida. 

lucy macqueen artist precipice.png

Lucy MacQueen is an Austin based artist, showing in local galleries since 2008. With a unique eye and a playful, evocative exploration of the natural Earth’s color palette Lucy's work predominantly features land and waterscapes, incorporating unique elements like etched plexiglass.

amber dalgliesh mustard.png

I love exploring different mediums including paper, acrylic, oil pastel, pencil, ink, and really, anything I can get my hands on. My work is layered, and with each layer, I have to give up something I loved in it, trusting that the next layer will make it even better, every layer playing its part to bring texture, interest, and depth to the completed piece.


A point of convergence for all the senses, my art reflects the ways in which individual materials bring their own unique features and what that can evolve into as a next outcome, once in play with others. These elements, as in my interior design, change and connect my broad cultural understanding stemming from a childhood of existing between two continents. Raised between Europe and the United States, I was quick to bring any existing parts of me into completely new surroundings; adapting out of necessity. It is in this intersection where beauty is highlighted - regardless of surrounding - becoming a sort of sanctuary in any given piece.

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