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Popup at The Marketplace

Maison Janneau

Luxury French Windows

At The Marketplace, June 25th through 28th.

Visit during business hours or join us during one of our special events! 

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Schedule of Popup Week Events

Don't miss any of these fabulous opportunities to connect with Maison Janneau at The Marketplace.  RSVP and mark your calendars to attend!

Maison Janneau strives to enhance Austin homes while maintaining the traditional integrity of French design.  Their expertly crafted luxury windows boost the beauty and functionality of living spaces and add to the quality of both interior and exterior design.

Their French windows and doors have respected age-old traditions for more than 50 years, resulting in extensive knowledge and expertise in both technical and design aspects to ensure the best possible outcome for your project.

Maison Janneau's wood windows and doors are made with French oak, red exotic wood, or the thinnest steel.  All of their products come with two sealing gaskets – one on the opening leaf and one on the frame – to protect the hardware from the outside and ensure maximum insulation and weather protection (air, water, wind).  Their design allows for the installation of double or triple-pane glazing of various thicknesses to meet all customer needs, including solar protection, insulation, soundproofing, and burglar resistance.


Whether your project is a renovation or a new build, you should get the best luxury windows on the market.  That is Maison Janneau.

Meet the Maison Janneau Team

Marc Fauchreau


Samuel Simeon

Project Manager

Maison Janneau is committed to support architects, designers and builders work. Maison Janneau is an allied member of AIA Austin.

We encourage architects, builders / contractors and designers to contact us at 512 356 9276 or email us at for project consultation, budgeting, DWG files, further information or assistance.

Visit their showroom

5555 N Lamar Blvd – Suite L125
Austin, TX, 78751

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