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Austin Sunshine Camps Give-Back Project 

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The Marketplace is committed to giving back, and as part of our mission we'll be participating in and supporting projects that help make our community better.  Our first project is with Austin Sunshine Camps. 

The Austin Sunshine Camps have been around since 1928 and have a mission to provide the magic of overnight camp to children in Austin, without the barrier of cost.  We became involved when Anita visited the ASC's Zilker Lodge, the actual camp site located in the center of Zilker Park, while scouting for an event location.  It was beautiful, but she also noticed immediately that the space was very loud.  The ASC team admitted that the atmosphere had been a challenge for some of their campers and also for organizations that wanted to host events at the Lodge, an important source of off-season revenue for ASC.  

ASC plan .png

With thousands of professionals on the Marketplace list, we knew we could help.  Interior designers Ramya Ramachandran and Andrea Kalutkiewicz stepped up and offered their services to refresh the main gathering space and address some of the sound issues to make the Lodge a great place for everyone to enjoy.  ASC has a small grant to offset some of the costs, but some of the more creative solutions are out of scope.  

You can support this project directly by donating to the Austin Sunshine Camps.  

Be sure to note "Soundproofing Project" in the tribute section on your donation form so the funds go to support this project!  

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