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Grand Opening Events

The long-awaited Grand Opening of The Marketplace is here! For three years we have been sharing our vision and progress with our list of over 4000 Central-Texas interior designers, architects, custom builders and other industry professionals.  Partners and investors will have the opportunity to participate in all three events.  


Partner/Investor Thank You Dinner

A private dinner to thank our most committed colleagues. 

Date: Thursday, April 13th

Attendees: 60-80

Attendee Profile: Marketplace Partners and Investors

Type: Private dinner  

Vibe: Intimate, special


Sneak Peek Soiree 

An invite-only event with VIP industry leaders. 

Date:  April 28th

Attendees: 100-150

Attendee Profile: Industry leaders, Marketplace Partners and Investors

Type: Invitation-only

Vibe: Celebratory, glamorous 


Industry Grand Opening 

A fun, festive event for the entire industry. 

Date:  May 4th

Attendees: 100-150

Attendee Profile:  All industry professionals, vendors, service providers and supporters. 

Type: Ticketed, evening cocktail event  

Vibe: Fun, festive 

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