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Invest in Bringing the Best of Design to Austin! 

The Marketplace is inspired by the Austin design/build community.  Make an investment in the future of Austin and help us bring together the products and services we need to make Austin a world-class design destination.  We are considering a crowdfunding campaign to give the Austin community a way to participate in this project.   

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Hear why one of our Founding Investors is involved. 

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What is Crowdfunding? 

Crowdfunding allows investors a chance to support projects they feel passionate about, at a smaller scale than a Angel or Venture investment.  


Crowdfunding is an investment, not a donation; investors are paid back with interest on a pre-determined schedule.  The campaign is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and is managed by a licensed crowdfunding platform.


We are in the first phase of our crowdfunding campaign, called Test The Waters.  This gives us the opportunity to get feedback from potential investors before we launch the full campaign.    

Meet Our Founding Investors and Advisors 

Our Founding Investors are a successful, respected, vision-focused and collaborative group of industry professionals who are passionate about bringing the best of design to Austin.   Limited spots remain in this Investor/Advisor group and requires a larger investment.  Please Contact Anita if you are interested in getting involved at a deeper level. 


Founding Investor

Advisory Board

Lieve Saether

Turnstyle Design 


Founding Investor

Tri Supply

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